Technique first, fitness later

Well this is likely to be the last swim report for a while🤔 As we always advise clients: Technique first, fitness later. If you push too hard and too early with any training and before your technique and sport specific mechanics are sorted out you are only likely to achieve injury. Since my initial, appalling swim attempt three weeks ago I have come on very quickly by following those rules and working on mechanics and technique not fitness. You certainly can't attribute the gains I have made in such a short time frame to any significant fitness increase, the body just doesn't work that way. But technique can only take you so far and eventually your body must start to draw on the various systems that allow us the ability to repeat a technique or performance for protracted periods. But how do you know when have reached that point? Well if your technique is spot on and you carefully monitor it, you will hit a point where your technique becomes unsustainable and simply goes out of the window😕 Today's swim saw me hit that point, so now the actual swim fitness training begins and gains will now be slow and steady and therefore thoroughly unexciting to follow. I will have to find something else to write about for a the cyclists I keep seeing who have no idea what they are brewing up for and are driving me crazy😩However, back to the topic in hand, how far did I actually swim today before starting to lose a flowing and easy stroke and think "ooh this is getting a little difficult"?................1.5k 👍 👌 👍 otherwise known as one mile for those around my age. I was going to push for two more times up and down the lake and make it a tidy 2k but I remembered 'practice what we preach' so I left it there and went home one happy chappie😊


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