Wetsuit needed

Hi everybody. Its a while since my last post regarding my swimming progress, but we are back 🤗. At the last count I was very excited about having achieved one mile in open water, I can now report that after extensive training I can now achieve........one mile!🤔.

The problem has been that the temperature in the marine lake has been dropping alarmingly fast since my original mile. The last time I went in a couple of weeks ago it was 3.5 degrees and I cant stay in long enough to cover more than a mile without turning into an icicle. I spent a couple of weeks trying the pool but my brain sort of melted with repetition of Line tiles wall, line tiles wall, line tiles wall.

This problem however, may now have been solved.

Lacking any real swim kit I was using the spectacularly ineffective get up pictured below: Kayaking long johns with a 0.5mm long sleeve rash top over it! However..... as you can see in the second picture my lovely wife bought me a dedicated swimming wetsuit for Christmas, designed for extended open water swims. My marvellous brother in law provided a thermal swim cap, and especially thank you to my long term client Alice for the booties. (Although I am suspicious as to the motive here. I would love to think it was direct concern for my welfare but she kept muttering that if my feet got frostbite I would not be able to treat her). So tomorrow I hop back in the lake, lets hope it keeps me warm enough to turn out a little more distance.


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