Cromhall Quarry

Given the weather today, I didn't fancy trying to change or dry off at the Marine lake in the rain so I opted for a change of scenery for this mornings swim. Thanks to my channel swimming client Anna for suggesting Cromhall quarry. The changing room is a shipping container but they come and put a heater on for you as you get out, how helpful is that🤗! A great hour was spent swimming the marked course, and I had the whole place to myself. This was the first time I had swam in a situation where I couldn't just get out or put my feet down if I wanted to do so and that made it feel very different and just a little unsettling👀. I think the manager said it was 15mtrs deep but that doesn't really mean anything. the waters as clear as it gets and you can look back and see your whole body in the water as clear as day, but as you look down it just gets darker and darker and darker until you are just staring into a black, bottomless abyss 😱. As I got out three other swimmers arrived and if I hadn't been quite so cold I would have got back in and joined them as they were a friendly and jolly trio. Instead I settled for a photo of them setting off, needless to say that is not me in the photo below🙂


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