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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

As any one following us will know we moved into new premises this week and Sid the Skeleton despite concerns during the move about limb loss, dust and road safety, is really rather happy with his new home.......... and so was I 😁

Of course, you would expect me to be happy, I mean we now have air con, but I have another reason to be particularly happy.........I have done three cycling analysis' this week and I have discovered I can fit a bike on the Turbo Trainer and film the rider without the need to move anything around at all. I appreciate this may not sound like a big deal, but we do a fair bit of cycling analysis and in the old treatment space I had to squash the couch against the wall to make adequate assessment space for a bike and rider. I then had to move the bike out of the room to treat them, then move the couch again and bring the bike back in to re assess again. Non of this nonsense in our new place though 🙂. The bike stayed on the Turbo Trainer and in the room and I still had plenty of room to work around the couch, treat, assess, treat, re-assess as much as I liked🤗

I am so excited about this that I feel the need to explain what our cycling analysis is all about at The Reinge Clinic: If pushed to give this service a tag line I would call it 'Beyond the Bike Fit'.

We can and do fit your bike if required, but 99% of people who come to us with cycling related pain have already had a perfectly good bike fit. Their pain is due to a mechanical issue that they have in everyday life, that they have now taken onto the bike. Much in the way runners take every day restriction into their running gait and end up in corrective shoes. The reality is that a bike fit can only put you in an efficient position on the bike, which in turn is likely to reduce injury. Rarely, can even the best bike fit solve a bio-mechanical issue. We frequently get people who have had a full motion capture 3D bike fit and the accompanying report identifies a movement issue that has been observed but not resolved though a fit😟.

For me its so frustrating when I see hundreds of cyclist a week out on the road and most have an issue going on, that whilst they are unaware of, I can see is going to eventually result in pain. Their riding partners can't see it either, as they have not been trained to observe for these things, and because nobody realises there is an issue brewing, they never seek treatment until they can barely ride. All to frequently this just before an event, when they suddenly realise they might not be able to take part.

So, if you have a bike and enjoy riding it please help lower my stress levels (Gina will thank you) and come to see us for a cycling analysis as a preventative measure.

If you ride with a club, then give us a call. We deliver talks and workshops to help you and your riding partners know what to look out for in one another and how to deal with common issues.

Finally if you ride a bike for transport rather than recreation and feel this is not relevant to you then consider the assessments I did this week. One was a nice carbon road bike, but the other two were a Flat bar hybrid commuter and................ a Brompton (yep thats the teeny tiny fold up bike), in fact the Brompton was the second one we have analysed this year.

Give it a thought🤔, happy cycling 😀

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