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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

In our previous blog we looked at when to seek help with injury and pain. In this blog we consider the concept of prevention rather than cure 🤗.

After several decades of treating injuries, very few of which are as the direct result of an accident, I find it incredibly frustrating 😤 when somebody presents with an issue it is, on nearly every occasion, the result of something that started out as a small niggle, months or even years ago.

But, what if we could avoid all these niggles in the first place? Well the amazing thing is we already do this with one part of our body..........our teeth. From childhood we consider it perfectly normal to have our teeth checked every six months....even if they don't hurt! So I can't for the life of me fathom out why the idea of having our body checked every six months....even if it doesn't hurt meets with such resistance and horror 😱!

We do have a small number of clients who do treat our services in the same manner as a dental appointment, returning every 6 months for a check over, an MOT as they nearly all call it. And just like the dentists sees early signs of decay and poor brushing and advises accordingly, we too see the early signs of physical issues and give an exercise or treatment to stop the issue developing further. At the next check we can see if it has worked...........just like the dentist.

When asked what mark I would like to leave on the world if I could, it would simply be to convince the majority of the population to use body checks as readily as they do for their teeth.

Gina and I are uniquely set up to do the most comprehensive physical check up that I am aware of.

Every profession has a system of "Body Check", but they tend by and large, to be relatively basic, quick and often relate purely to that profession and its methods of treatment.

At The Reinge Clinic and as a result of our training and qualifications in eight, stand alone professions, we offer a body check that draws on and combines tests from each of these.

Our 'body check' is so comprehensive it takes a good hour and a half to get through. We draw from Physical Training, Sports Therapy, Sport Science, Exercise Science, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Exercise Physiology 🤯.

We check head to toe, every joint, its joint capsules, its ligaments tendons and muscles. We check

nerve function, we check postural muscle function and muscle firing patterns. We check muscular balance from front to back, left to right and top to bottom. We assess walking and running gaits, cycling 'gait' etc. , we check balance reactions and senses and an awful lot more👍

So, with this sort of service right on your doorstep ,why not step forward and join what is currently the the few and prevent issues from building up in the first place.

Below is a lovely testimonial from one of our body check clients, which hopefully demonstrates the value of this approach. Thank you Morton.

"Ian & Gina have always had to rescue water sports holidays for me by sorting out

extremely painful - almost incapacitating - problems at very short notice.

Ian suggested, as the same problems were continually reoccurring, that we carry out an "MOT" on me, identifying all the weaknesses (and at age 70 there were several!) that might be giving rise to these problems. Ian gave me a comprehensive set of exercises to follow to minimise the risk of recurrences. That paid off, this autumn, when for the first time I was able to enjoy a holiday without emergency treatment beforehand. One very satisfied customer"

Morton Davies



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