Headaches? Help!! 😣

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Neck and shoulder pain are seen almost daily at The Reinge Clinic. Why oh Why do we get so much shoulder and neck pain? 🤔

I wrote a blog about back pain recently and how we have to keep our bodies aligned to stop us getting pain. Well this is the same for the shoulder, but even more so, as the shoulder is has so much movement available, it is easy to get out of alignment.

Those desks are again the biggest culprit. 👿 As we lean over the desk our shoulders begin to round. In order to keep our centre of balance in the right place, so we don’t fall over, our neck follows also extending forward over time. This position of a rounded shoulder and forward head leads to chronic tightness in the shoulders and neck area and you can get some nasty headaches as a result.

The shoulder girdle is hugely mobile and likes to sit in free alignment; the muscles of the shoulder, back and chest affect the position of your shoulder. If the muscles of your back are weak and the muscles of your chest are strong, you will struggle to maintain a good upper body posture and pain will inevitably occur.

So what can we do about it?

Well simply put, you need to stretch the front of your body, so the chest and arms and strengthen the upper back. 🤗

Take a look on Google for Pectoralis Major stretches, this will help to open up your chest. Animals, especially cats, always stretch when they get up after a nap or long time lying.... maybe you should give it a go?

Then search for Rhomboid strengthening exercises, this will give your body the strength to hold you upright.

If you work at a desk a lot, a monthly sports massage will really help to keep that posture correct and stop you getting pain.

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