Updated: Sep 16, 2019

My goodness me!! The talk we delivered about gait analysis at @RunFesttheseries, and that I blogged on last week, has gone down even better than I thought! We have been absolutely snowed under with bookings for gait analysis by those who attended the evening!

However, I cant really bring myself to do another blog about gait, because something is much, much more pressing...... The question of 'what on earth is wrong with me🤨 ?!' I mean the idea to do the Dart 10k swim was quite absurd enough given my previous swimming ability, so why, oh why, oh why , did I just press the enter button for the 'WOW 2019'? 😖 That's the 'Windermere One Way' swim, at a distance of 11 miles (oh yes......there is indeed; a two way!!) when I have no more time to train than I did for the Dart (30 hours over the course of an entire year). Why on earth would I choose to pretty much double the distance, with no possibility of doubling the training🙄?

You know what, actually I will tell you why.....we all need goals in life. 😀

In general these are of course, best kept realistic🤔, so I am still left wondering what exactly is wrong with me. But it does lead me to the subject of goals and goal setting in pain, injury and rehabilitation.

When rehabilitating an injury we always set people goals, to help them stay focused and ascertain how much they are improving. Now, setting goals may sound obvious but it's amazing how many people's goals for recovery are not thought out, or are so disjointed they are actually hampering, rather than helping their recovery. So we apply 'Smart Goals' This natty little system can be used to attain any desired goal and here's how it works:

'SMART'....... Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time.

Specific: What do we actually want to achieve.... e.g. return to 10k running with no pain.

Measurable: Set some measurable targets...e.g. pain level down 50 percent by next week.

Attainable: Gradual increase in distance...eg 10 percent per week.

Realistic: 10 percent per week increase!

Time: When can we expect to hit each target e.g. 50 percent pain reduction by next week, 75 percent in three weeks, etc, etc.

Now, that may all seem it may seem a bit obvious but without a structure in place it's difficult to progress and keep positive. I can honestly say I loose count of how many clients have had an issue for three months or more, are not improving, can't get on with every day life or their chosen sport, are going around in circles, have a goal of "I want to be out of pain", but no plan or idea of how this will be achieved.

Of course, to set a realistic goal for rehabilitation does require some knowledge of your problem and how it will react to different attempts at treating it. This knowledge is exactly what we provide at The Reinge Clinic, helping you to find that direction that you may have been struggling with 🤗.

And rest assured, we always practice what we preach here at the Reinge Clinic, so lets apply the SMART system to the 'WOW 2019'

Specific: Swim 11 miles ( Good start, doing well here!)

Measurable: .......uuuuuummm!


Realistic:............. uuuuummm!



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