Chronic physical health condition? Yes we can absolutely improve your symptoms.....

Chronic Health Conditions seem to be the scourge of the modern world. Whether Arthritis, Fibromyalgia or Multiple Sclerosis these conditions are affecting more and more of us and modern medicine is struggling to treat them. So do we just give up or continue to take pain relief after pain relief in order to calm the pain that comes with these conditions?

We see plenty of people with very serious physical health conditions at The Reinge Clinic, often we are a last desperate attempt continue functioning and live an independent life. So what can we do about it? After all we aren't doctors and can't cure a chronic health condition.

This week saw The Reinge Clinic winning an industry award. This was for work we have done on one of these rare and debilitating conditions, namely Arachnoiditis. The way we have treated our client with this condition sums up the way we treat everyone. We get great results… so what do we do?

Arachnoidits is a condition that affects the fluid around the spinal chord. It causes the fluid to become sticky resulting in the nerves sticking together. This causes muscle weakness, pain, balance issues and slowly the person becomes less and less mobile leading inevitably to being wheelchair bound. At present there is no cure and the main treatment is pain relief. When we saw this client, we “parked” the condition for a moment and looked at the body biomechanically. Unsurprisingly, as mobility reduces, muscles become weakened and posture becomes poor. Most muscular pain in the body comes from weakness of muscles and poor posture. So no we can’t fix the chronic condition, but we can certainly strengthen muscles and return posture to normal. This is what we did with our client with Arachnoiditis and what a difference it made to their quality of life.

We then wondered whether we could, with our hands on work, affect the fluid around the spine that has become sticky and dehydrated. Now at The Reinge Clinic we are a highly qualified lot and when we put our collective minds together we get into deep physiological debates about conditions and how we can affect them… I won’t bore you with the details. But we wondered whether a technique called Fascial release, which is used to return a connective tissue, known as fascia, from a sticky adhesive state to a more fluid state, would work with the spinal fluid, which is also sticky in this condition.

So we carefully gave it a go , the results were amazing. The tiredness that results from this condition, started to dissipate. The numbness our client has in their feet, also started to dissipate. We took a simple treatment and administered it in a conservative way and we are getting fantastic results. A panel of industry expert judges looked at the work we had done and concluded we should win in our category. The category of Pain Management, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation in the FHT Complementary Therapy Awards.

So my message to you, if you have one of these conditions, is not to loose hope. Clinics like The Reinge Clinic can improve your quality of life by using simple techniques. We have used this principle on clients with Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and even post Stokes. We won an award for our treatment of Arachnoitis, but to us seeing our client walk through the door with energy and a zest for life is all the reward we need. So if you have a chronic condition, get in contact, we will use our “simple” approach and you never know what magic may occur.

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