Five 'Winter' Reasons why you need a treatment even if you are not in pain!

1) IT'S WINTER: For most sports this is the off season, the time to pull back on the effort a little, let your body recover, review your performance , work on your weaknesses, deal with any recurring niggles or issues. You simply cant do this during the season as you are to busy getting on with your sport/activity/hobby and cant afford to back off. As Sport and Exercise Scientists as well as Therapists we help people thrive during this period🤗.

2) NEW YEAR IS IN THE WINTER! Inevitably, this is when we decide we need to get fit! But what subtle imbalances are we carrying that we get away with on a day to day basis, but become an injury once we start loading up the body with additional activity🤔?

This is a great time to take us up on our 'Full Body Check' which is pretty unique. It draws on checks from all our specialities and a few others rather than just one profession making it the most comprehensive 'body check' that I am aware of.

3) MAKE SPACE FOR CHRISTMAS! We all go a little overboard at Christmas so rather than waiting until its over why not make a start on nutrition, fitness and weight loss right now? You will improve your metabolism, so those Christmas treats will be burned quicker even when you are sitting down (thats a real bargain!) and you will already be in the swing of it which makes the post Christmas period that little easier as you don't have to dig up new motivation or intent to start. Remember we offer personal training and nutritional services at a level of specialism you would only expect from us🏋️.

4) NEW YEAR, NEW TOYS👏!! Oh Yessss, its that time of year when we treat ourselves or a lucky other half to all sorts of new kit. Following Christmas we see quite a number of people with a New Bike. In most cases they have had it fitted correctly but are still experiencing some kind of discomfort. This is when we really ramp up on 'Cycling Analysis' 🤔. Thats how you move on the bike even with a correct fit. Its the 'missing link' in the non professional cycling world. Normally the analysis of your cycling biomechanics is available only to the professionals, but of course you can get it right here at The Reinge Clinic 🚴‍♀️ 🚴‍♀️ 🚴‍♀️.

5) Disregard all of the above!!! Why not just treat yourself to a decent Sports Massage, you deserve it 💆 😀


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