Having a Ball !

Continuing on the theme of home exercise equipment, I feel its time to close the circle!🤔

We have identified a Cross trainer as a great all round piece of cardiovascular equipment and Thera bands / resistance bands as a versatile and practical alternative to weights. So finally let's add in the Swiss / Gym Ball (as in the picture) 😀.

We have visited this piece of equipment in a previous post (09th April 2019; The Secret to a healthy back) as part of strengthening your back and core. In that post we talked about how

the Swiss ball quite simply creates inherent instability through the pelvis and spine when it is sat on, this results in the pelvic and spinal stabilisers have to switch on. But in addition to stand alone ball exercise for the back and core, we can we also use it in place of a weights bench to sit and lie on, whilst using our bands or dumbbells. This means that we have to use those stabilising muscles in a way you don't when sitting or lying on a solid surface, so we kill two birds with one stone! We can also sit instead of standing, so we now do additional core and back work that we wouldn't normally experience. Now, thats efficiency! 👍

But you will need the right ball for the job!

So, here's what you need to look for: The ball needs to be the right size for spinal work. When you sit on it your thighs should be at right angles to the ground or sloping no more than 10 degrees. The material needs to be of correct quality and construction for spinal work. The ball should not deform or allow you to sink into it when seated, you should find yourself perched on top of it. It's also essential to make sure the ball you are using has an anti burst system, many do not! It should be marked ABS or anti burst clearly on the ball.

So here are a few examples of resistance exercises we can do with the ball, in place of a sitting or lying on a bench, or instead of standing: All can be found with a quick internet search. 😎


Chest press, Reverse fly, Bent over rows, Flys, Pullovers, Abdominal crunches. 🏋️

Sitting in place of standing:

Shoulder press, Lateral shoulder raises, Front shoulder raise, Lat pull downs bicep curls, Tricep extension and Bent over rows, Seated rows. 🤸‍♀️

There are also many exercises using only the ball and no resistance equipment, such as: Rollouts, front and reverse bridges, various hip lifts, press ups and planks to name but a few. 🧘

Of course, it should come as no surprise that here at The Reinge Clinic we combine our exercise physiology, training, biomechanics and clinical knowledge to help you identify exactly what exercises would suit your own circumstances and goals 😉.

Why not call for us for a chat and see what makes us completely different when it comes to developing individual exercise programmes 🤗.

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definitely time to seek professional help.

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