Autumn exercise 😀

Exercise challenge.😀

It is exercise challenge time again and hopefully the weather will be ok for this one... heading out into the fresh air is not only good for your physical health but also for your mental health. It is well documented that the look, see and touch of the natural environment has a calming effect on anxiety 😀 and can help with depression and other mental health concerns.

So the challenge this week is to head out into the woods. 😀 Ideally try to get muddy and maybe even try to climb trees or splash in puddles.... no it isn't just for children, grown ups can also have fun splashing in muddy puddles, as Daddy Pig from Peppa Pig would say. 🤣 Let us know how you get on and enjoy the woods!

A warm up will reduce your chance of injury

It is getting chillier and this is the time of year that people often head into the clinic with pulled muscles. So if you are out for a walk, a jog or a cycle it is really important that you warm up those muscles first. The warm up needs to be specific to your sport... so...

Top tips for warming up those muscles

  • If walking, start with a slow walk and build up the pace as you get warmer.

  • If running, start with a walk, slowly at first and then speeding up. 5 minutes is plenty of time to warm up those muscles and joints, so that you don't pull that muscle.

  • If cycling, specificity is still the best here, so warm up with slow gentle riding on a flat surface ideally while everything warms up and those joints become lubricated.

  • With any sport, squash, swimming, tennis to name but a few the best way to warm up for your chosen sport is to do that sport at a lower intensity. So hit the ball gently, do a few lengths of the pool slowly.

  • There is no point going for a walk to warm up your legs and then going kayaking which is mostly an upper body sport. 🙈So make it specific to your sport. 😀

If you are unsure, give us a call or pop us an email and we will give you some warm up ideas.

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