Walking 10,000 steps!

10, 000 steps is the number of steps everyone is supposed to achieve in a day. But how easy is this to do? During lockdown actually 10,000 steps wasn't too hard, the daily walk took about 20mins, the sun was shining and it gave a desperately needed break from the house.

But now, with the challenges of working, a child to look after and the weather turning! It is much harder... so what tips can we give you. 🚶‍♂️

Well firstly, it is fairly amazing how many steps are done by just chasing our 6year old around! but if you don't have a young child to force you to get on your feet what other options are there? Well firstly set a specific time that you will head out. Diarise it, whether coping with a fully packed schedule or not, try to do some of it actually walking! Several client calls have been made while walking our end....😀

Other tips, first thing or last thing can be better, Ian has been out at 11pm, because yes it takes that long to get our son to sleep!🙄 Gina has been out at 6am, because she is often awake with a whirling mind by then anyway.

They say you need to plan your work for the day but you don't have to do that while sitting.... that lunch break you are supposed to have..... try a walk then.... put that printer further from you desk or even better, if working from home, put it on another floor.😉 That will get your step count up. Whatever your lifestyle, one thing we can say is that we have seen some very challenging issues over the last few weeks from too much sitting and it really is a problem, so take a good look at your diary and see where you can get that walk in. Remember if you are in pain we can help, so give us a call.😀

The Reinge Clinic is a Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Sports Science clinic based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire and Portishead, Bristol. Take a look at our facebook page for our pain, injury and exercise advice posts and learn more about us on our website.

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