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We are experts at eliminating your pain and we do this by getting to the root cause.

What makes us different?

When you come to us with a pain or injury, we don’t just look at the affected area, we look at all the areas that may have led to this pain occurring.

Pain rarely starts for no reason. The reason may be in your past history rather than in the recent history.  So we work like detectives to understand why that pain has occurred. We then use both strengthening and loosening treatments to not only remove the current pain, but ensure it doesn’t return.

About us

Physiotherapy , Sports Therapy, Sports Massage treatments in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull

Gina and Ian, are a husband and wife team, who united their expertise to create The Reinge Clinic back in 2009. Initially opening a successful clinic in Bristol, they relocated to Kenilworth in 2019, and have been building their unique clinic in the heart of Warwickshire.

With a combined wealth of knowledge that spans various disciplines, Gina and Ian have seamlessly blended the specialisms of Physiotherapy, Biomechanics, Sports Therapy, and Sports Massage into a harmonious fusion of treatments. This unparalleled integration enables them to look  into the complex workings of your body in unique depth. Providing a comprehensive approach that addresses the root causes of pain and injury.

Embarking on a mission to decipher the complexities of each individual’s needs, The Reinge Clinic goes beyond conventional treatment paradigms. Gina and Ian’s unique expertise allows them to navigate the intricacies of your body with precision, uncovering the underlying factors that contribute to discomfort or limitations.

Gina and Ian’s approach extends beyond the surface, seeking to get to the root causes of your problems. Their commitment to continuous learning and innovation ensures that their clinic remains at the forefront of cutting-edge therapies, offering you a tailor-made experience to musculo-skeletal pain and injury.

At The Reinge Clinic, you’re not just a patient; you’re a unique individual on a path to pain free living. 

Our Treatments and Services

Welcome to The Reinge Clinic, where we specialise in all things musculo-skeletal. Our expertise lies in Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy treatments that go beyond surface level solutions, aiming to address the underlying causes of your pain and injuries for lasting relief. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to long-term solutions, backed by the integration of Specialist and Medically Oriented Exercise Programs as standard components of our Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy treatments. Guided by hands-on assessments and treatments, our tailored packages provide a comprehensive approach to your wellbeing.

For those seeking long term health, our standalone Sports Massage treatments offer the perfect solution for maintaining optimal muscular health. At the heart of our approach lies biomechanical assessments, the cornerstone of all our treatments. By meticulously assessing the body’s intricacies, we ensure a targeted approach that effectively uncovers the sources of pain and injury.

Drawing from our extensive backgrounds in Sports Science, we offer two specialised services that cater to enthusiasts of running and cycling. Our Running Analysis and injury treatments, along with Cycling Analysis options, are designed to keep you performing at the pinnacle of your abilities. We firmly believe that such services should be accessible to all levels of athletes, whether you’re a recreational enthusiast or an elite competitor.

What truly distinguishes us in the Kenilworth area is the caliber of our combined knowledge base, a treasure usually reserved for elite sports institutions and specialised medical facilities. However, we’ve taken our wealth of knowledge and skills beyond the exclusive confines and made them attainable and affordable for everyone.

Explore our website to discover how we can be of assistance for your specific concerns. Feel free to reach out to us without hesitation, and together, let’s discuss your unique situation. 

What Our Clients Say About Us

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