We are experts at eliminating your pain and we do this by getting to the root cause

Neil Jones

Went to visit Gina with a bad back and hip pain due to a old accident, they had time to fully explain my problems after a full in depth assessment showed me some stretching exercises, after some massage I was able to carry on my job again. Highly recommended 

Steven Rice

I just wanted to say many thanks for all your help last week when my pelvis twisted. I really appreciate the professional response in calling me straight back and fitting me in at such short notice. The diagnostics and subsequent treatment had an immediate effect and the follow up session was equally positive, the bottom line is that I was able to fly out on my business trip the next day and am back up and running (so to speak)!

Louise Thorne

Due to various injuries from my ankle, to knee to hips, I have gone to see both Gina and Ian over the years, and I can't recommend them enough. They are both lovely and highly professional, and after a period of regular sessions most of my injuries are now ok.


At the award winning Reinge Clinic we combine Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Sports Science and Sports Massage into one treatment, to not only fix your problem, but ensure it never returns.  

We have an extensive and unique qualification base and  combine all that knowledge and experience to ensure you go away with a permanent solution, whether you have a chronic health condition or a specific injury that is causing you pain. 


About Us

Our therapists combine the disciplines of Sports Therapy, Sports Science, Physiotherapy and Clinical Exercise Physiology, having degrees and diplomas in related areas.


Services such as Gait and Biomechanical Analysis, corrective exercise, specialist and medically oriented exercise programmes are included within standard treatments as needed, rather than being expensive add ons.


We are unique in our area, as our combined knowledge base is usually only found in elite sporting establishments or specialist medical facilities. However, our philosophy is to take our knowledge and skills out of the elite arena and make them accessible and affordable to everyone.

Please browse our website to see if we can help with your specific problem. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual situation.


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