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Cycling Analysis

Unlocking Cyclists’ Potential: From beginners to elite athletes, our extensive expertise ensures goal achievement and pain-free performance. Utilise our Sports Science and Bio-mechanical expertise for a comprehensive Cycling Analysis, tailored to all levels, whether starting out, or looking for the elite edge, to reach your cycling targets.

Why have a Cycling Analysis?

Cycling Analysis Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull.

Discover the Intricacies of Cycling: The convergence of the linear mechanics of a bike and the intricate rotational mechanics of the human body is a captivating challenge. Our clients often come to us with perfectly fitted bikes, yet they grapple with discomfort or underwhelming performance.

In these instances, the problem rarely lies with the bike itself; it’s usually a biomechanical issue with the rider. This can stem from past injuries or more commonly, subtle habitual movement patterns that evade detection in a standard bike fitting. Here’s where we stand out – our approach revolves around Cycling Analysis, going beyond conventional bike fitting (although that’s part of what we do).

Meet Ian, our Cycling Analysis expert, who melds his expertise in Biomechanics, Physiotherapy, and Sports Therapy with bike fitting. This fusion results in a truly unparalleled service that is bound to elevate your cycling experience.

What happens during a Cycling Analysis?

Cycling Analysis Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull.

During our comprehensive 50-minute specialised Cycling Analysis sessions, we conduct a thorough assessment both on and off your bike, aiming to establish not only your optimal cycling setup but also the efficiency of your body.

Our Cycling Analysis specialist sessions are entirely tailored to your unique needs. We commence with an in-depth biomechanical evaluation of your body whilst off the bike. This initial step allows us to identify any limitations or weaknesses that might be contributing to issues during your cycling experience.

Once the off-bike assessment is completed, we transition to observing your performance on the bike. Typically, we utilise a turbo trainer to capture video footage of your cycling technique. In certain instances, cycling-related problems might not become apparent until later during a ride. For such scenarios, we might record you in real-world cycling situations. During these instances, Ian will accompany you on a bike while filming your technique.

With the recorded cycling footage in hand, we meticulously analyse the video, slowing it down to gain a comprehensive insight into your movement patterns while on the bike. Both the bicycle and the human body can mutually influence each other, so it’s crucial to comprehend how the bike impacts the body and vice versa.

Once we’ve identified any restrictions, we can leverage our expertise in strengthening exercises and hands-on techniques to enhance your mechanics and alleviate any discomfort. Occasionally, we might recommend adjustments to your bike settings, and in these cases, we would re-record your technique to ensure the new settings are perfectly calibrated to your needs.

What can we do for Cycling Injuries?

Cycling Analysis Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull.

Numerous injuries and discomforts can stem from cycling, with some being a result of incorrect setups or mismatched bike geometry for your body.

Within our Cycling Analysis sessions, we skillfully pinpoint these issues and often rectify them by checking your bike fit. However, several specific problems tend to surface, frequently involving shoulders, backs, and knees. Our assessment process encompasses examining pelvic mobility, assessing knee dynamics, aligning the entire body, and evaluating ankle movement.

For instance, knee pain is a prevalent concern among cyclists. Often, during Cycling Analysis, it’s noticeable as the knee tracks in a figure-of-eight pattern rather than a linear trajectory.

Our next step is to understand the underlying cause. It could be due to the bike’s configuration or limitations in your ankle’s biomechanics. In some cases, insufficient foot strength or restrictions at the hip might be contributing factors.

To tackle this, we can customise the bike at the pedal level, utilising shims if necessary. Adjusting the pedal type, changing footwear, or modifying pedal float are also options. Alternatively, rectifying your own biomechanics through Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy, along with strength and flexibility exercises, might be the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cycling Analysis.

We would chat to you on the phone first as everybody has an individual situation, but in general please bring all your usual cycling gear including your bike(s).

We usually ascertain on the phone wether your bike will fit our turbo trainer. Those with Carbon bikes often prefer to bring their own turbo trainer and this is fine.

In short, yes absolutely. It does not matter how you ride, whether that be racing, as a commute to work, or just a gentle cruise around the country side. The same mechanical principles apply to anyone riding a bike.

Ultimately, every bike needs to work correctly for you and your body mechanics. We frequently analyse people who use Brompton’s and other fully upright bikes, as well as mountain and road bikes.

We are not ‘bike fitters’ but we are trained in bike fitting. Therefore, we will usually ask you to make the actual adjustments  yourself to your bike, while you are with us, with us to guide and support you.         

If you are not handy with a spanner we do tie in with one of areas top bike fitters  or we can do the adjustments for you but we would need to discuss this in advance.

Ian is our cycling expert. In his younger days he was a Triathlete and has always been a cyclist. He began cycling seriously at 8 years old and built his first true road bike at the age of 11, which he still owns 43 years on!

You can book using our online booking system. Or you can email us or call us directly.

We don’t use receptionists, so when you call or email you get directly either Ian or Gina, who can answer any questions you may have, prior to making a booking. 

What Our Clients Say About Us?

What Our Clients Say About Us

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