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Cycling Analysis Solihull

Enhance Your Cycling Adventure in Solihull: Elevate your cycling journey with our specialised Cycling Analysis Solihull services. Designed to accommodate all levels of expertise, our Cycling Analysis sessions cater to beginners embarking on their cycling voyage, as well as seasoned or elite athletes aiming for peak performance.

With an unwavering dedication to injury-free, efficient cycling, complemented by our profound proficiency in Sports Science and Biomechanics, rest assured that your cycling aspirations will be effectively realised.

Why have a Cycling Analysis?

Cycling Analysis Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull.

The intriguing interplay between the linear mechanics of a bicycle and the intricate rotational mechanics of the human body poses a captivating challenge. Our clientele often approach us with bikes perfectly tailored to them, yet they grapple with discomfort or find their performance falling short.

In these scenarios, the root cause rarely resides within the bike itself; more often, it’s a biomechanical matter linked to the rider. This can be traced back to past injuries or, more commonly, subtle habitual movement patterns that elude detection during a standard bike fitting. This is precisely where we excel with our Cycling Analysis Solihull. Our methodology revolves around Cycling Analysis, reaching beyond traditional bike fitting (though that remains a part of our service).

Allow us to introduce Ian, our  Cycling Analysis Solihull expert, who seamlessly blends his mastery of Biomechanics, Physiotherapy, and Sports Therapy with the art of bike fitting. This fusion culminates in an unquestionably unrivalled service, guaranteed to enhance your cycling journey.

What happens during a Cycling Analysis?

Cycling Analysis Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull.

Embark on our comprehensive 50-minute specialised Cycling Analysis Solihull sessions, where we embark on an extensive assessment both on and off your bicycle. Our aim is not only to determine your ideal cycling setup but also to evaluate the efficiency of your body’s mechanics.

Our Cycling Analysis Solihull specialist sessions are entirely customised to address your specific requirements. We initiate the process with a detailed biomechanical assessment of your body while you’re not on the bike. This preliminary stage allows us to pinpoint any limitations or weaknesses that might be contributing to challenges during your cycling endeavours.

Once the off-bike assessment is concluded, we seamlessly transition to observing your on-bike performance. Generally, we utilise a turbo trainer to capture video footage of your cycling technique. In certain instances, issues related to cycling might not manifest until later during a ride. For such scenarios, we may record you in real-world cycling scenarios. During these instances, Ian will accompany you on a bike while recording your technique.

Armed with the recorded cycling footage, we meticulously analyse the video, slowing down the playback to gain a comprehensive understanding of your movement patterns while cycling. The interaction between the bicycle and the human body is bidirectional, making it crucial to grasp how the bike influences the body and vice versa.

Upon identifying any limitations, we can leverage our expertise in strengthening exercises and hands-on techniques to refine your mechanics and alleviate any discomfort. Occasionally, adjustments to your bike settings might be recommended. In such cases, we would re-record your technique to ensure the new settings are precisely aligned with your requirements.

What can we do for Cycling Injuries?

Cycling Analysis Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull.

A variety of injuries and discomforts can arise from cycling, some of which are a consequence of improper setups or mismatches between bike geometry and your body.

Within our Cycling Analysis Solihull sessions, we adeptly identify these issues and often address them by reviewing your bike fit. Nevertheless, certain specific challenges tend to emerge, frequently involving shoulders, backs, and knees. Our assessment process encompasses an evaluation of pelvic mobility, scrutiny of knee dynamics, alignment of the entire body, and an assessment of ankle movement.

For example, knee pain is a common concern among cyclists. Often, during the Cycling Analysis Solihull, it becomes apparent that the knee follows a figure-of-eight pattern instead of a linear trajectory. Having observed this, the subsequent step involves delving into the root cause. This could be attributed to the bike’s configuration or limitations in the biomechanics of your ankle. In some cases, insufficient foot strength or constraints at the hip may contribute.

To address this, we have the option to customise the bike at the pedal level, potentially utilising shims. Adjusting the pedal type, altering footwear, or modifying pedal float are also possibilities.

Alternatively, rectifying your own biomechanics through the application of Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy, coupled with exercises to enhance strength and flexibility, might present a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cycling Analysis Solihull

We would chat to you on the phone first as everybody has an individual situation, but in general please bring all your usual cycling gear including your bike(s).

We usually ascertain on the phone whether your bike will fit our turbo trainer. Those with Carbon bikes often prefer to bring their own turbo trainer and this is fine.

In short, yes absolutely. It does not matter how you ride, whether that be racing, as a commute to work, or just a gentle cruise around the country side. The same mechanical principles apply to anyone riding a bike.

Ultimately, every bike needs to work correctly for you and your body mechanics. We frequently analyse people who use Brompton’s and other fully upright bikes, as well as mountain and road bikes.

We are not ‘bike fitters’ but we are trained in bike fitting. Therefore, we will usually ask you to make the actual adjustments  yourself to your bike, while you are with us to guide and support you.         

If you are not handy with a spanner we do tie in with one of area’s top bike fitters  or we can do the adjustments for you but we would need to discuss this in advance.

Ian is our cycling expert. In his younger days he was a Triathlete and has always been a cyclist. He began cycling seriously at 8 years old and built his first true road bike at the age of 11, which he still owns 43 years on!

You can book using our online booking system. Or you can email us or call us directly.

We don’t use receptionists, so when you call or email you get directly either Ian or Gina, who can answer any questions you may have, prior to making a booking. 

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