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Running Analysis Warwick

Get ready for events like the Warwick Half Marathon or the 2 Castles Run with proper pre-race prep. Enhance your running performance and prevent injuries by delving into the mechanics of your run – from foot strike to overall body alignment. Our team of Sports Scientists and Running Specialists, located near Warwick, are here to meticulously analyse your biomechanics with our Running Analysis Warwick package. Helping you to achieve better running times while solving any running pain and injury.

Why have a running analysis?

Running Analysis, injury treatments in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull

Everybody has a different way of running, there is no one size fits all when it comes to running gait. 

When your foot hits the floor whilst running, the ground reaction forces create a unique reaction that runs up through your body.  That ground reaction force can help you, it can make you run more efficiently. Or it can hinder you, and slow you down.  We see many elite and semi elite runners, looking to gain those extra few seconds to elevate their race positions . For any level of runner, our Running Analysis Warwick is the key to unlocking those extra seconds.

The forces that occur in running can cause your knees, hips, back and even shoulders to move fluidly together, or they can work against you, creating injuries for the future. Most running injuries come from incorrect mechanics and the only way to truly get to the root cause of a running injury is to perform a Running Analysis.

This is why our Running Analysis Warwick  is an essential part of your race preparation.

What happens during the Running Analysis?

Running Analysis, injury treatments in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull

Experience our tailored Running Analysis Warwick sessions, each lasting 50 minutes. During this time, we’ll evaluate your posture and thoroughly dissect your running technique.

Our cutting-edge video technology captures you in real-world running scenarios, providing invaluable insights into your foot strike’s impact and its reverberations throughout your entire body. This full body approach, coupled with your running history and our comprehensive physical assessment, empowers us to refine your running style. Our objectives are clear: elevate running efficiency to enhance your race times, address and rehabilitate running injuries, and proactively prevent future injuries.

Within this session, we encourage you to run in your various shoes, enabling us to recommend the optimal footwear for your unique needs. Recognising that individuality reigns, we understand that one shoe type does not universally suit all.

Distinguishing our Running Gait Analysis Warwick sessions is our authentic real-world video capture approach, distinct from a treadmill focused analysis. Running mechanics on a treadmill contrast markedly with those in the genuine outdoor environment, given the differing ground reaction forces. Through meticulous examination, we decode the intricacies of your biomechanics, observing the movement patterns throughout your body from your head to your toes. Subsequently, we fine tune your gait, enhance flexibility and strength, and refine your foot’s ground contact, all based on the insights gleaned from your comprehensive Warwick based analysis.

What can we do for running injuries?

Knee pain Physiotherapy treatment in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull

Unravelling the complex area of running injuries hinges on deciphering the intricate chain reaction set in motion by the foot striking the ground. When your foot hits the ground, a cascade muscle of firing patterns reverberate through your legs, knees, hips, and even your back. To fully understand where your problem commences, it is essential to start looking at any injury with a  specialised Running Analysis in  Warwick.

Our specialist Running Therapists in Warwick embark by assessing the affected joint or muscle area. Many running injuries are based from imbalance within your lower body. Assessing leg circumferences and muscle firing patterns help us to to unveil potential load distribution imbalances.

Central to our examination, lies the scrutiny of your feet, the vital point of contact with the ground during every stride. This is where the pivotal ground reaction forces come into play, propelling your forward momentum. Weak feet or ankles can affect the harmonious dispersion of these forces across your body, frequently serving as catalysts for running-related injuries.

The subsequent phase involves a comprehensive inspection of your running shoes, affording us insights into tread patterns and foot strike dynamics that help us understand what is occurring when you run.

Venturing outdoors, we invite you to run as we capture your movements on video. This real-time visual perspective grants unparalleled clarity into how you run. By slowing down your motions, we can thoroughly dissect the contributing factors to your injury. This process aids us in delivering immediate and sustainable solutions. Frequently, clients find this area of our assessment to be enlightening, as personal perception often contrasts with the reality revealed on video.

In our pursuit of resolving your running injury comprehensively, we tailor a strengthening program exclusively for you, while also assisting you in refining your gait to address the causes of the issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Running Analysis Warwick

Please bring all your shoes, many runners have several pairs and we may need to see you run in all of them. 

Please also bring whatever you usually run in, and ideally a pair of short shorts so we can assess the whole lower body.

All our  sessions are 50 minutes long.

Unlike many of our competitors all of our follow up appointments are also 50 minutes long.

This allows us enough time to assess you fully, including doing a video analysis. 

We get you to run in the real world rather than on a treadmill. The mechanics of running on a treadmill are very different to running in the real world. Most people run out in the real world, so this is where we assess you.

We aren’t running coaches, but we are Sports Scientists. We have been trained to look at the way the body works, understand the forces involved and how the muscles deal with those forces. 

In their younger days, Ian used to be a triathlete and Gina a runner for Coventry Godivas Running Club so we have a very real understanding of running and running injuries.

Gina is a member of BASES (British Association of Sport and Exercise Scientists) ensuring they stay up to date with the latest research.

You can book using our online booking system. Or you can email us or call us directly.

We don’t use receptionists, so when you call or email you get directly either Ian or Gina, who can answer any questions you may have about your condition, prior to making a booking. 

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