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Full Body Assessment

Full Body Assessment Checks in the Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull and Stratford Upon Avon areas.

Keeping our body in top condition has become more important that ever in recent years. Whether planning to start a new physical hobby, wanting to complete a physical challenge, or simply wanting to stay healthy as you age. It is important to give your body a  once over and our Full Body Assessment checks are the optimum place to begin. 

What is a Full Body Assessment?

Full Body Assessment Checks in the Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull and Stratford Upon Avon areas.

In our 90 minute Full Body Assessment, our aim is to check your body for any upcoming issues. You don’t need to be in pain to benefit from these. The aim of these checks are to see where your body is now and create a plan to keep you healthy for the years ahead. Consider it to be like a service you would have done on your car. We can spot any issues that may be coming up and stop them becoming a problem in the future.

What do we look at?

We start our assessments looking at your posture.

Head position

Head position tells us a lot about the health of your upper body. A forward head position can lead to headaches and nerve problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Tennis Elbow. We can assess this and give exercises and stretches to resolve the issue moving forwards.

Shoulder position 

Shoulders ideally need to be stacked in direct alignment over the ear. The arm, should ideally sit centrally to allow full movement without pain or restriction. We can check the positions of these areas and give you exercises to resolve any positional issues before they cause pain.

Pelvis Position

The Pelvis is integral to both your upper and lower body. Modern life is not friendly to the pelvis and a tilted, or twisted pelvis can cause back pain and stiffness as well as hip , knee and even heel pain. For the upper body, it can contribute to shoulder and neck problems. The modern world of sitting at desks creates problems for our pelvis area and most back pain can be avoided by simple core strengthening exercises.

Foot  position

Foot weakness is one of the key reasons we get problems such as knee pain and even osteoarthritis in the knee. Plantar fasciitis often comes from weak feet and it is possible to assess this and strengthen the feet to avoid these issues.

Muscle Assessment.

Full Body Assessment Checks in the Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull and Stratford Upon Avon areas.

Muscle assessments are an important part of our Full Body Assessment. By testing your muscles we can see where weaknesses are and most importantly we can see in what order your muscles fire. 

Across the body, to create movement, muscles need to fire in the correct order. If one  muscle fires out of time, it creates movement pattern issues which can lead to the over or under working of a muscle group. 

Muscles that are over working become tight and over time weak, leaving the body to find another muscle to do the job. This creates a chain reaction that in the end leads to pain.

We can test the muscle firing patterns of both your upper and lower body and check whether they fire at the correct time. Whether a muscle group is weak and in need of strengthening, or whether muscles are too tight and simply need loosening or strengthening we can check for this and provide the necessary exercise or stretch to rectify the issue.  

We will also use our tape measure to find out whether you are favouring one side of your body. We often do this on the lower body. Measuring the circumference of your upper and lower legs and comparing the left leg size with the right. Ideally these measurements want to be within 0.5cm of eachother. A difference of more than this often means you are on the way to pain or injury.

Strengthening Advice

Full Body Assessment Checks in the Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull and Stratford Upon Avon areas.

Once we have completed our Full Body Assessment and have a good understanding of how your body is currently working. We can set you a tailored exercise and stretching program  specifically designed to solve the problems we have found. 

This will enable you to go away with a plan to rectify strength, movement patterns, postural or tightness issues before they develop into pain or injury. We will also advise on whether any of our other services may be useful to you, such as our Sports Massage options. Sports Massage is often useful if you sit at a desk all day, or have a very physical job. 

If you are a runner, we may advise our specific Running Analysis session, to ensure you are running in the most efficient way for you. Or perhaps we have spotted something that requires some ongoing support, meaning we may suggest our Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy sessions.

Often though you simply leave your Full Body Analysis with a useful set of bespoke exercises. Allowing you the security that your body has had a muscular check and is ready for the year ahead.

Our Full body Assessment costs £120 and can be booked online or by contacting us

Frequently Asked Questions about the Full Body Assessment

It s very useful if you can bring a pair of shorts and ideally a strappy top for a lady. This is so we can assess your upper body and see how the muscles move.

Our full Body Assessment is very comprehensive and takes approximately 90 minutes. 

Yes, Both Ian and Gina are regulated by relevant industry bodies. 

Ian is a Chartered Physiotherapist and therefore regulated by the HCPC as well as being a member of the CSP

Gina is regulated by the CNHC as well as being a member of BASES and the STA.

Yes we do. We work from a residential property so you can either park on the driveway, across the driveway or on the nearby roads.

Absolutely, you can choose which of our therapists you see. If you prefer a woman you can book with Gina, if you would prefer a man , you can book with Ian.

Just let us know when you book whether you have a preference. If you choose to book on line, you can choose which therapist you use. 

These can be used as a one off session, to understand your body better and help you decide where you want to go for any further treatment. 

Or they can be used as a yearly check up to keep an eye on your body and ensure nothing is brewing that could be easily fixed. 

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