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Running Analysis Kenilworth

A Running Analysis  is an essential part of your pre and mid season training program. And a great way to both fix and avoid running injuries in Kenilworth.

Whether you are preparing for the Kenilworth Half Marathon, or the Two Castles Run, Running Analysis Kenilworth is the perfect place to start. By understanding how you run, you can start to address inefficiencies and avoid injuries.

At The Reinge Clinic in Kenilworth we combine our Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy knowledge with Sports Science to get an in depth look at how your body works, how you strike the floor when you run and how your muscles are adapting to the forces of running. This allows us to rapidly get to the source of injuries and fix them, as well as keeping you in great form for your upcoming race.

Why have a running analysis?

Running Analysis, injury treatments in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull

Your running technique plays a pivotal role in both your race times and your vulnerability to injuries. Every stride you take in Kenilworth impacts not only your speed but also your overall well-being.

As your foot makes contact with the ground during your run, a dynamic force known as ground reaction force affects through your body. This force possesses the potential to elevate your running efficiency, propelling you forward effortlessly. Alternatively, it can act as a barrier, impeding your progress and slowing you down.

This ground reaction force significantly influences the harmonious movement of your knees, hips, back, and even shoulders. When  working correctly, they work in synergy to empower your running, however, misalignment can lead to future injuries, undermining your running journey.

This is where our Running Analysis Kenilworth comes into play – an indispensable component of your pre-race preparation. Leveraging  video technology, we meticulously examine your running technique right here in Kenilworth. We look in depth at your running stride and assess the effects of  ground reaction force on your body. This allows us to uncover any potential or current problems letting us retrain your running style and rectify niggles and injuries.

What happens during the Running Analysis?

Running Analysis, injury treatments in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull

Our Running Analysis Kenilworth sessions are meticulously designed to enhance every area of your running style. Within a 50-minute session, our expert team delves deep into refining your technique and safeguarding your running journey.

During this session, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your posture while intricately analysing your running mechanics. Employing  video technology, we capture your natural running form in the real world. This unparalleled vantage point enables us to scrutinise your foot’s interaction with the ground, tracing its impact throughout your entire body – from the very soles of your feet to the crown of your head.

Combining these insights with your personal history and our thorough physical evaluation, we embark on a journey to reshape your running style. Our ultimate objectives are twofold: to elevate the efficiency of your running, consequently enhancing your race times, and to bid farewell to any existing running injuries while safeguarding against future ones.

During the Running Analysis Kenilworth session, we invite you to take strides in all your various shoes. Our guidance extends beyond the assessment as we offer tailored recommendations for the ideal footwear tailored to your unique needs, as well as tailored running and strengthening programs. Recognising that each individual is distinct, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to running injuries simply won’t suffice.

What can we do for running injuries?

Knee pain Physiotherapy treatment in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull

Running is a complex interplay of forces, with each stride sending forces up through your legs, influencing your knees, hips, and even your back. The key to addressing running injuries lies in understanding these forces, which is why our approach always begins with a comprehensive video running analysis.

When you seek our Kenilworth based expertise for a running injury, we start by meticulously evaluating the affected joint or muscle. Our focus is on achieving equilibrium in your lower body, often measuring leg circumferences to identify potential imbalances in load distribution.

Central to our assessment is an examination of your feet, the sole point of contact with the ground during each stride. It is here that the vital ground reaction forces come into play, propelling you forward. Weak feet or ankles can alter the dispersion of these forces throughout your body, often acting as the catalyst for running-related injuries.

A close inspection of your running shoes is the subsequent step, enabling us to scrutinise the tread pattern and gather insights into your foot strike dynamics.

Venturing outside, we invite you to run while we capture the moment on video. This live-action perspective provides invaluable clarity, shedding light on the factors that led to your injury and guiding us in both immediate and long-term solutions. Many clients find this stage of our assessment eye-opening, as their self-perception often contrasts with the reality captured on video.

As the culmination of our process, we equip you with a tailored strengthening regimen and guide you in modifying your gait to address your running injury at its core. Our mission is not just to resolve the immediate concern but to ensure your long-term future in the realm of running.

Frequently Asked Questions about Running Analysis Kenilworth

Please bring all your shoes, many runners have several pairs and we may need to see you run in all of them. 

Please also bring whatever you usually run in, and ideally a pair of short shorts so we can assess the whole lower body.

All our  sessions are 50 minutes long.

Unlike many of our competitors all of our follow up appointments are also 50 minutes long.

This allows us enough time to assess you fully, including doing a video analysis. 

We get you to run in the real world rather than on a treadmill. The mechanics of running on a treadmill are very different to running in the real world. Most people run out in the real world, so this is where we assess you.

We aren’t running coaches, but we are Sports Scientists. We have been trained to look at the way the body works, understand the forces involved and how the muscles deal with those forces. 

In their younger days, Ian used to be a triathlete and Gina a runner for Coventry Godivas Running Club so we have a very real understanding of running and running injuries.

Gina is a member of BASES (British Association of Sport and Exercise Scientists) ensuring they stay up to date with the latest research.

You can book using our online booking system. Or you can email us or call us directly.

We don’t use receptionists, so when you call or email you get directly either Ian or Gina, who can answer any questions you may have about your condition, prior to making a booking. 

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