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Please note online booking is only available for our Kenilworth location, please email us if you would like to book in for an appointment in Portishead.

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Kenilworth Treatments 

Physiotherapy in Kenilworth Portishead

3 sessions of:

Physiotherapy with Ian


Sports Therapy with Gina.

Sports Therapy in Kenilworth Portishead
Physiotherapy 3 sessions Ian.jpg
Gina Sports Therapy x3.jpg

Physiotherapy/ Sports Therapy


Sports Massage Kenilworth

Sports Massage

Choose a block of 3 sessions or pay monthly with our subscriptions.

£180 / £60

Sports Massage in Kenilworth Portishead
Sports Massage x 3 Ian.jpg
Gina Sports Massage x3.jpg
Sports Massage Subscription Ian.jpg
Gina Subscription sports massage.jpg

Cycling Analysis

2 x analysis sessions


Cycling Analysis.jpg
Cycling Analysis in Kenilworth Portishead

3 x Analysis Sessions

Running Analysis


Running Gait Analysis in Kenilworth Portishead
Running Analysisi x3 Ian.jpg
Gina Running Analysis x 3.jpg

Any problems with booking , or if you would prefer to book and individual appointment rather than a package, please send us an email or give us a call.