Online Running Video Analysis

The online version of our Running Analysis allows runners of all levels to have their gait assessed by our experts even if they are not able to get to one of our clinics. You email us a video of your running and we analyse it using the latest technology and email it back to you.

Our Running Analysis is unique
We look at a video of you running in the real world (ideally)  rather than on a treadmill. Running is very different on a treadmill to in the real world, as the way the forces act through the floor are very different. 
We can then slow your movements down so we can see exactly what you are doing biomechanically through your your body. We check from your head to your toes and watch the movement interactions.
We have huge experience working with runners of all levels to achieve their goals. Whether you are just starting out or are at the elite level, looking for the edge, we can use our Sports Science and Bio-mechanical knowledge to help you achieve your goals.​ 

Take a look at our online option

Our online video analysis covers the following areas:
  • We look at a video of you running (provided by you) but if you are local we can arrange to meet to take this video.
  • We analyse this, looking at how the whole body moves during the gait cycle.
  • We ask you to send us a picture of your shoe tread, your feet, and your body from several angles so we can analyse your posture and map that to any running issues we see.
  • We then have a video chat with you to go through our findings and decide on the way to alter the gait, if needed, as well as getting you to do some movements to check our video findings.
  • We advise on exercises that may help you with your particular problem as well as shoe recommendations if appropriate.
  • We would then send you via email a copy of the exercises you can do to improve your running.

Online analysis cost £70

My injuries were compounded after seven years of throwing money at Phyisotherapists. Running was painful and nowhere near the pace I was. I rang Ian in March with the view that it would be a few months out of running. Ian performed a gait assessment and identified the issue immediately. Although I have a long road ahead, I have run more monthly mileage than I have for the past three almost four years... He's worked nothing short of a miracle. I would recommend this clinic over most in the region & I've been to a few. 

Jason Lammie - Ultra Runner

Bristol, UK

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