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Physiotherapy treatments are aimed at anyone suffering pain and injury, specifically those with a complex medical or health problems. Post operative rehabilitation, the older person, and those with chronic health problems such as arthritis would benefit from physiotherapy treatment.
Ian is our Chartered Physiotherapist. In addition to his Physiotherapy degree, he also has a Sports Science degree,  and diplomas in Sports Therapy, Sports Massage and Personal Training, meaning he looks at your issue in a very different way.

We offer Physiotherapy in Kenilworth and Portishead

Vicki John

I came to see Ian on recommendation of my husband after being in a lot of pain with my feet and also having a numb little toe and having had no luck with a number of other people. He diagnosed me with having a trapped nerve in my hip causing the numb toe, he worked on it for a just couple of minutes and it improved! He then gave me 'homework' exercises to do and after three visits I was back to normal. I still can't believe that it wasn't picked up on by anybody, Ian was the first person to look beyond my foot to find the problem. As for my painful feet which turned out to be Plantar Fasciitis, he worked wonders on those too.

I took my 10 yr old son to see Ian at the Reinge Clinic after he suffered with painful heels for many months. Even after the rest during lockdown he was still in extreme pain after any physical exercise. We visited Ian for a consultation where he examined Archie and gave us some exercises to try. When after a week there was no improvement, I contacted Ian who invited us back to the clinic as part of the initial consultation. Ian adjusted my son’s pelvis and within two days the pain had stopped. We couldn’t believe it, but after months of pain and discomfort, he remains pain free after essentially one treatment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ian and the team at Reinge Clinic.

I can highly recommend Ian's unique approach to physiotherapy. He doesn't just treat the symptoms, he works like a detective to get to the root of the problem. He found that my back pain had started with a weakness in my foot and so has treated me from the ground up to straighten me out. After 2 sessions I am so much more comfortable and should stay that way if I do my exercises! Very comprehensive and thorough, thank you Ian.

Kate Hunter

Kate Harrison