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Will Back Pain ever go away?

There is nothing worse than back pain; our spines are integral to every movements we do. Hundreds of muscles use it as an anchor point to create movement elsewhere in the body. If you suffer from Back pain, it can feel like the pain will never go away. But in this article we will talk about why we get back pain and what you can do at home to solve this issue.

Why do we get back pain?

The spine is essentially a relatively simple structure. It runs all the way down the body and provides protection to nerves and blood vessels. It provides attachment points for muscles and forms the basis of our skeleton. However, in order for it to do the job it is designed to, it needs support and space. This support and strength comes from deep muscles within the body.

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These tiny muscles sit between the vertebrae and keep the vertebrae from touching each other, this provides space so each vertebrae can move and stops them from “squashing” the disks that sit between the vertebrae

Back pain treatments in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull, Rugby and Stratford Upon Avon

The space is also important for the nerves of the spine, they exit the spine through small holes formed when one vertebrae sits on another. The nerves and their fluid supply need space, or movement of the spine can cause the nerves to become compromised, leading to nerve pain.

When we get back pain, in the vast majority of cases, these muscles are weak and this causes the vertebrae to sit too close together, leading to stiffness, disk issues and nerve problems. As a result the larger muscles of the spine will try to assist and stabilise the spine. The result, a stiff, tight back, that doesn’t get better no matter how much you loosen it.

What can I do to help my back pain?

  1. Ice – When the vertebrae sit too close together, they rub creating inflammation. Inflammation will limit the space between the vertebrae even more. Icing for 10 minutes every hour will help to calm this inflammation down.
  2. Strengthen – These little muscles need to be strengthened for a long term solution. The core musculature, which consists of deep abdominal muscles along with the tiny spinal muscles, provide the strength your spine needs to stay in the correct alignment. Teaching you how to activate these muscles is bespoke to each person, and beyond the scope of this blog. Book in for an assessment and we can create a specific strength program for your needs. However, there is one exercise that is really useful and very easy to do.
  3. Use an exercise ball – The exercise ball, is the perfect solution to strengthening the deep muscles of the spine as well as the core. The muscles we are talking about aren’t under your conscious control, so to activate them, you need to put the body in an unstable position. These muscles provide stability, so when the body is unstable they switch on to solve the problem. A ball is unstable so will strengthen these muscles and help your back pain.
Back pain Physiotherapy treatments in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull

Pump the exercise ball up so it is v hard. When you sit, your knees should be parallel to your hips. That way you know the ball is the right size. Then just sit on the ball! It is that simple.

You can make it harder, you can sit with your knees together, making balance more difficult. You could try to lift one heel, or even a whole foot and try to balance. But even if you just put it by your desk and get on with your days work, the muscles will be starting to strengthen. Build up the time you spend on the ball.

How will I know when my back pain is improving?

The big thing you will notice is that you feel less stiff, especially in the morning. The ice can improve pain immediately, but the reality is, you need to be strengthening for at least 6 weeks to get noticeable change.

The next thing you are likely to notice is that when you get that Sports Massage to loosen your back, it now stays loose, rather than tightening up. This means that your little muscles are now doing the job they are designed to do and the smaller muscles can relax and take a break.

If you need help with your back pain, give us a call and we will take a look. For more information on how we treat back pain, take a look here.

For more information on back pain, take a look at the NHS website.