Running Gait Analysis

We have huge experience working with runners of all levels to achieve their goals. Whether you are just starting out or are at the elite level, looking for the edge, we can use our Sports Science and Bio-mechanical knowledge to help you achieve your goals.​ 
Our Running Gait Analysis sessions are unique. 
We video you running in the real world rather than on a treadmill. Running is very different on a treadmill to in the real world, as the way the forces act through the floor are very different. 
We can then slow your movements down so we can see exactly what you are doing biomechanically through your your body. We check from your head to your toes and watch the movement interactions.
Then we can strengthen, loosen and alter the way your foot hits the floor based on what we find during your analysis.

My injuries were compounded after seven years of throwing money at Phyisotherapists. Running was painful and nowhere near the pace I was. I rang Ian in March with the view that it would be a few months out of running. Ian performed a gait assessment and identified the issue immediately. Although I have a long road ahead, I have run more monthly mileage than I have for the past three almost four years... He's worked nothing short of a miracle. I would recommend this clinic over most in the region & I've been to a few. 

Jason Lammie - Ultra Runner

Online Running Analysis

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