Running Gait Analysis

At The Reinge Clinic we have huge experience working with runners of all levels to achieve their goals. Whether you are just starting out or are at the elite level, looking for the edge, we can use our Sports Science and Bio-mechanical knowledge to help you achieve your goals.​ 
Our Running Gait Analysis sessions are unique. 

We video you running in the real world rather than on a treadmill. Running is very different on a treadmill to in the real world, as the way the forces act through the floor are very different. 

We can then slow your movements down so we can see exactly what you are doing biomechanically through your your body. We check from your head to your toes and watch the movement interactions.

Then we can strengthen, loosen and alter the way your foot hits the floor based on what we find during your analysis.

S Bancroft

I visited the Clinic for a running gait assessment and was really impressed with the information and guidance Ian was able to provide to help me tackle an Achilles problem after a short video assessment. He was very professional, knowledgeable and gave me confidence that the issue is not the end of my running career!


I would recommend him to anyone wanting to get to the bottom of a sports injury. His advice was practical and helpful. Thank you.

It is six years since I had a gait assessment which was on a tread mill. So visiting the clinic for a new gait assessment after all these years was nothing like I expected. Ian’s approach by videoing my gait with me running and then analysing in slow motion was massively revealing.


Even more revealing when I repeated the run in one of my older pair of running shoes. I now understand why I am prone to so many injuries.! Ian was able to give me a series of exercises to help strengthen the weak points that were picked up. A fantastic approach to injury treatment and even better to provide a route to prevention in the future.


A very down to earth and practical advice which has now also helped my rebalance my training regime to help reduce injury and rejuvenate my running. Thank you

I went to the clinic for a running gait assessment with Ian. No specific injury problems, but from the wear on my running shoes I knew there was something not quite right. A very professional approach to not only analysing my style but also identifying the cause of the problem.


Suggested exercises provided which should help, and the offer to review again in a few months if I sent a video. Couldn't really have asked for more.

We offer one off analysis sessions for the hugely affordable  £60  , or you can look at our bespoke running package for a specifically tailored analysis and exercise plan.
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Bespoke Running Package 

  •  3 x Running assessments using video technology  
  • Shoe Assessment and advice on the correct shoe for you
  • 3 x Bio-mechanical assessments of your running style and retraining gait as needed
  • Muscle testing to assess where your weaknesses are / injuries are coming from
  • 3 x Bespoke restrengthening / training programs to improve your running gait  help you achieve your running goals  

Package price: £225

Just starting out, or an elite runner? Perhaps somewhere in between.

At The Reinge Clinic we use our Sports Science knowledge to assess your running, we can:

  • Advise on the best shoes for your body and training needs.

  • Assess and if necessary alter your running gait.

  • Work out why you are getting pain when you run.

  • Assess your running using video technology

  • Provide you with a bespoke running plan to get you to your targets whatever your level.

We offer Running Gait Analysis in Kenilworth and Portishead

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