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Running Analysis Stratford Upon Avon

A Running Analysis is the perfect way to ensure you are running to your best potential and avoid any running injuries. Our running analysis Stratford Upon Avon sessions are perfect for fixing running pain and ensuring you keep injuries at bay. 

Perhaps you are preparing for the Shakespeare Marathon or Half Marathon and  are keen to get that PB, or you simply want to make it to the finish line. By understanding how you currently run, you can start to address inefficiencies and avoid injuries.

Our running analysis Stratford Upon Avon sessions are unique. We are Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists, but we also have degrees in Sports Science. This means we understand how the forces of running affect your body, how your foot strike can affect those forces, and how your muscles will adapt to them. 

This means we can get to the root causes of running injuries quickly and efficiently, while ensuring you don’t have to stop training for your upcoming event.

Why have a running analysis?

Running Analysis, injury treatments in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull

Your running technique affects your speed, your timings and your injury risk. When your foot hits the floor the ground exerts a force through your body. It is known as a ground reaction force. This is important in running, as without it we couldn’t create movement. However, this force can have a positive or negative effect on your joints, depending on how you strike the floor and how your muscles react to that force. 

It can be positive and help you move forward in an efficient manner, or it can create issues in your joints slowing you down. Our job in completing a running analysis Stratford Upon Avon session is to look at these forces and how your body reacts to them. Showing us why you have injuries, how to fix them and how to avoid them. It also allows us to help you gain the efficiencies you need to improve your running times.

We do this by using video technology to slow your movements down and see how your joints and muscles are coping with the forces occurring. Often a simple tweak to your running gait will change the way your whole body moves.  

What happens during the Running Analysis?

Running Analysis, injury treatments in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull

Our running analysis Stratford Upon Avon sessions are designed to look into all aspects of your running, from your footwear to how you hold your head. During the 50 minute session we will take the time to understand your running issues and goals and help you to achieve them.

During this session we will video you running in the real world, rather than on a treadmill. The forces of running are very different on solid ground and if you run in the outside world, there is little point in assessing you on a treadmill. 

By analysing the video we can slow your movements down, allowing us to see your running gait frame by frame. Analysing how your foot hits the floor, what then happens in the ankle, knee, hip and pelvis, all the way up to your head position. 

We also take the time to assess your body when it isn’t running, we can look at your posture, check your muscle strength, see how you balance on one leg. We will take a look at your running shoes and check the wear of the tread. By combining all this information we are able to solve any running injuries you may have, as well as improving your running efficiency and ensuring you lower your future injury risks. 

During the running analysis Stratford Upon Avon session, we encourage you to bring all the shoes you have. This way we can video you in all your different shoes to work out which shoes are best for you. We can advise on new shoes, depending on the outcome of our analysis and what the short and long term aims for your running are. 

At our Running Analysis Stratford Upon Avon sessions we recognise that everyone is an individual, and everyone’s optimum gait is unique. We are here to help you find your optimum running style.

What can we do for running injuries?

Knee pain Physiotherapy treatment in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull

Running combines many forces, all of which have effects on your joints and muscles. By understanding how those muscles should work biomechanically, we are able to get quickly to the sources of running injuries and resolve them.

When you come to us to look at your running injury , we will start by assessing the specific area causing pain. Often it is a lower body injury that affects runners and so we check for balance across the body, often measuring your legs and checking for obvious imbalances. We can check your muscle firing patterns, checking your legs are able to activate in the correct way to ensure efficient and pain free running.

A key area of examination is your feet. Feet are the sole point of contact with the floor during running and a foot or ankle that isn’t working correctly will affect the whole lower body chain, often leading to knee or hip pains. 

Next, we will take a look at your shoes and examine the tread of your shoes to understand how your foot is hitting the floor. Understanding the wear pattern allows us to correlate our findings with the body assessment we have just completed. 

We will then take you outside and video you running. This allows us to slow your movements down and really understand how your foot, ankle, knees and hips move biomechanically as your foot hits the floor. For many clients this is highly eye opening, as the way they perceive themselves to run, is not always what is shown on the video footage. 

Finally we will take all this information to understand where your running injury has come from and how to fix it in a way that it won’t return. We ensure you have a tailored strengthening program, helping you to restrengthen firing patterns, alter foot strike pattens and continue to run while we solve your running injury.

We aim to not just fix your immediate pain while running, but ensure you leave us with a better understanding of how you run and ways to ensure your remain injury free, whilst enjoying your chosen activity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Running Analysis Stratford Upon Avon

Please bring all your shoes, many runners have several pairs and we may need to see you run in all of them. 

Please also bring whatever you usually run in, and ideally a pair of short shorts so we can assess the whole lower body.

All our  sessions are 50 minutes long.

Unlike many of our competitors all of our follow up appointments are also 50 minutes long.

This allows us enough time to assess you fully, including doing a video analysis. 

We get you to run in the real world rather than on a treadmill. The mechanics of running on a treadmill are very different to running in the real world. Most people run out in the real world, so this is where we assess you.

We aren’t running coaches, but we are Sports Scientists. We have been trained to look at the way the body works, understand the forces involved and how the muscles deal with those forces. 

In their younger days, Ian used to be a triathlete and Gina a runner for Coventry Godivas Running Club so we have a very real understanding of running and running injuries.

Gina is a member of BASES (British Association of Sport and Exercise Scientists) ensuring they stay up to date with the latest research.

You can book using our online booking system. Or you can email us or call us directly.

We don’t use receptionists, so when you call or email you get directly either Ian or Gina, who can answer any questions you may have about your condition, prior to making a booking. 

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