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Sports Therapy in Solihull

Situated close to Solihull, our Sports Therapy treatments are designed to target the fundamental sources of pain and injury. Our specialised hands-on approaches are particularly beneficial if you’re dealing with a sporting injury or grappling with muscle pain an injury in a broader sense.

Our team of Sports Therapists comprises seasoned experts in the realm of Musculoskeletal Pain and Injury, ensuring you receive the best local care.

What is sports therapy?

Discover the expertise of our dedicated team of Sports Therapists, conveniently located close to Solihull. Sports Therapists focus on addressing musculoskeletal pain and injuries, catering to both sports enthusiasts and individuals from all walks of life.  Sports Therapists are  professionals with an extensive understanding of the body’s mechanics and the ability to effectively alleviate your pain and discomfort.

Working in seamless collaboration with Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists play a pivotal role in your journey toward optimal well-being. For example, if you’ve recently undergone knee surgery, initial recovery with Physiotherapy is a wise decision. Their hospital experience positions them to assist you during the initial phases of healing.

As you progress and aspire to regain your active lifestyle, return to work, or engage in sports again, our Sports Therapists based close to Solihull step in to enhance your rehabilitation to a functional level. Whether you’re contending with Back Pain, Headaches, Knee Pain, or Osteoarthritis, our adept Sports Therapists possess the skills to assess and alleviate various forms of discomfort. Their hands-on approach seamlessly integrates the expertise of Sports Massage, Physiotherapy, and Personal Training, leading to consistently remarkable results.

What makes us different?

Shoulder pain treatments in Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Solihull

Both Ian and Gina, our experienced Sports Therapists, are conveniently located near  Solihull. What sets them apart is their dual qualifications in Sports Therapy and Sports Science. This unique combination provides them with a distinct perspective.

Their expertise in Sports Science, including Biomechanics, offers a comprehensive understanding of muscle coordination and movement dynamics. When addressing concerns like knee pain, their approach goes beyond the surface. They delve into muscle firing patterns and how they contribute to the discomfort. Factors such as pelvic position, foot mechanics, and even shoulder interactions are meticulously examined to uncover the underlying causes of issues.

In addition to their exceptional training, Ian and Gina’s presence near Solihull ensures that their valuable insights and effective treatments are easily accessible to individuals seeking relief and enhanced performance.

Do you just work with sports injuries?

The Reinge Clinic Kenilworth. Physiotherapy Sports Therapy

Sports Therapists possess a remarkable ability to address a spectrum of musculoskeletal issues, not just limited to sports injuries. Their profound understanding of the muscular system empowers them to effectively treat various muscle and joint concerns.

Let’s give the example of a tennis enthusiast dealing with elbow discomfort. Our Sports Therapists located close to  Solihull are certainly adept at evaluating and alleviating your “tennis elbow,”we use our Sports Science expertise to go beyond the obvious and delve deeper to get to the root cause of that Tennis Elbow.  Assessing your racket grip size, forearm strength and conducting a comprehensive examination of your shoulder region, we uncover signs of strength disparities and imbalances. This thorough methodology enables us to pinpoint the root cause of your tennis elbow and solve it.

However, now let’s assume that same individual encounters the non sporting condition of frozen shoulder. The Sports Therapist can also treat this condition and not only help you through the initial frustrating stages as the shoulder freezes and unfreezes. They are also able to take your rehabilitation to the next level, preparing you for a swift return to the tennis court.  Meaning your sports Therapist can help you through all stages and types of muscular skeletal difficulties. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Sports Therapy in Warwick

Absolutely not, all our appointments can be booked directly with us by calling or emailing us. There is no need to contact your GP.

All our Sports Therapy sessions are 50 minutes long.

Unlike many of our competitors all of our follow up appointments are also 50 minutes long.

Having 50 minutes means that we can reassess your condition at every appointment.

This allows us to check that the exercises are doing what we need and you are progressing.

Each follow up will also involve hands on work in the form of massage or soft tissue techniques and we will also check and change exercises at every appointment session.

We don’t feel we can do that effectively in less that 50minutes, so all our appointments last 50 minutes.

Depending on the area that needs to be assessed, we would ask you to bring a pair of shortish shorts or a strappy top.

This allows us to see as much as possible, so we can effectively assess you.

Our assessments often involve taking measurements and watching how muscles interact, so the ability to see muscles is very useful.

Physiotherapists are trained in medical conditions, often working in hospitals with Stroke, arthritis and neurological conditions.

Sports Therapists are specialists in Musculoskeletal pain and injury, training only in this area. Meaning they aren’t trained in medical conditions. However, here at the Reinge Clinic, Ian is a Sports Therapist, but also a fully trained Physiotherapist. Gina is a Sports Therapist, but also has an Exercise Physiologist, giving you the best of both worlds. We are specialists in Muscular pain, with the understanding and experience of dealing with medical conditions.

Essentially in Private practice, there is little difference between a Sports Therapist and a Physiotherapist, other than the Sports Therapist may give a more hands on treatment.

Sports Therapy is rarely a painful treatment.

Assessing an injury or a sore joint can be painful, but allows us to understand where the pain is.

Sports Therapists use Sports Massage techniques  within their treatments and these can sometimes be uncomfortable.

We will always ask you for feedback on pain so we can modify our hands on work.  If things are painful, please let us know so we can modify our assessments or treatments.

Sports Massage is a treatment based on loosening tight muscles, it is a deep level of massage and is excellent at maintaining a healthy body. However Sports Massage Therapists aren’t trained in assessment and treatment of pain and injury. For that you need to see a Sports Therapist or Physiotherapist.

You can book using our online booking system. Or you can email us or call us directly.

We don’t use receptionists, so when you call or email you get directly either Ian or Gina, who can answer any questions you may have about your condition, prior to making a booking. 

Please contact us before you book in and let us know that you would like to use your Private Insurance.

Many insurance companies do not cover Sports Therapy treatments, however, if you would like to use your insurance, we can ensure you are booked with Ian. He is also a Chartered Physiotherapist and can work with most insurance companies.

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