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5 Reasons you need a Sports Massage…. even if you aren’t sporty!!

I don’t do sport, why would I need a Sports Massage? ????

1. To help you stay working!

Many people have physical jobs and not those you may first think of. Let’s say you are a gardener by trade, or a musician, a hairdresser, a mechanic or an electrician. These jobs are very hand heavy and over time you can get pain in the hands, wrists and shoulders. Many of these professions work for themselves, so if you are in pain and can’t work, you don’t earn money. A short Sports Massage keeps the forearms loose and allows you to continue working for years without pain. Much cheaper than a week off work!

2. To take less pain medication.

How many people do you know that are regularly taking medication for everyday aches and pains. If sales of these products are to be believed, most of us are. Sports Massage can stop you needing these by getting rid of your everyday aches and pains. Let’s say you have a desk job. This working environment leads to rounded shoulders and a forward head posture. A Sports Massage can realign your posture and therefore remove the source of your aches and pains.

3. It’s quicker and easier than going to the gym! ????️

I am not advocating that you don’t go to the gym, but the gym and exercise aren’t for everyone. The postural issues I mentioned above can, of course, be relieved by going to the gym but how many people actually do this? Many start in January only to have stopped by Easter as they don’t have the time or the motivation. Well a Sports Massage can’t get you fitter, but it can help you get your posture back and all you have to do is lie down! A win win situation.

4. To stop you getting injured.

Whether you workout or not, imbalance in the body can lead to injury. Have you ever pulled a muscle doing literally nothing at all? That will be down to imbalances that build up over time. A Sports Massage Therapist will feel these imbalances as they massage you. They can feel when one leg is tighter than another, for example, or one shoulder is starting to roll forward. These are tell tale signs that your body is brewing up for an injury and gives you a chance to stop it before it happens.

5. To help your Back.

It appears that back pain is one of the main reasons people miss work and this is sad, because it is generally a simple fix and really we don’t need to get to this point. A lot of back pain is caused by the pelvis tilting forward, due to tight hip flexors caused by….you guessed it sitting at a desk or in a car. A Sports Massage can loosen the muscles that create this problem, helping to keep this issue at bay.

So there you go, 5 non-sporty reasons to have a Sports Massage ????. At The Reinge Clinic we are specialists in muscles and can quickly and easily loosen the correct muscles to solve your problem. So why not give Sports Massage a go and see how it can change your pain levels.