Orthotics can weaken your feet?

Many many people put orthotics in their shoes and for the best of reasons. A weak arch, a leg length difference, to "cure" heel pain. But there is a problem here.

Put your foot in an orthotic for too long and issues will arrive elsewhere in the body. 😞 Orthotics are a great short term solution to help control pain, but left in for too long they weaken the foot. Think of an arm that is supported in a cast for a while, while a broken bone heals. Once you remove the cast the muscles have wasted. The foot is the same, support an arch with an orthotic and the muscles don't have to do the job any more, so they weaken and eventually the orthotic stops working as the foot is now so weak.

Any heel lift orthotic will alter the biomechanics through the lower body, and a foot raise orthotic will cause similar issues. So what can you do?🧐

Your initial pain came form somewhere, so how about getting back to the root of the issue? That is exactly what we do, feet can be strengthened and your arch can be rejuvenated, so if you have worn an orthotic for more than 6 months, without an accompanying strength program, give us a call and let's get the problem fixed permanently.😀

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