Sports Massage

Sports Massage is essential for keeping injuries at bay. This is a deep massage which can work on individual areas or the whole body. Not just for sports people, anyone can benefit from a regular sports massage.

During a massage session we can feel for any imbalances in your body and advise on any issues starting to show.
Both Ian and Gina offer Sports Massage Treatments in Kenilworth and Portishead, our knowledge allows us to make sure we are loosening the correct areas to ensure you get a long term effect from your massage sessions.
Each massage session involves:
  • A through discussion of your requirements and past history.
  • Assessment of the area requiring massage.
  • Deep massage treatment to the whole body or specific body area.
  • Advice on any muscular imbalances detected during the massage and exercises given if appropriate.

Nick Bull

I'm a Barber and along with that had lots of back trouble. Gina at The Reinge Clinic helped to ease these pains through deep tissue massage and made it so much easier for me to stand at work. I'd always advise anyone to check them out if I'm a similar position. 

Went to visit Gina with a bad back and hip pain due to an old accident, she had time to fully explain my problems. After a full in depth assessment , showed me some stretching exercises. After some massage I was able to carry on my job again. Highly recommended.

Both Gina and Ian have given support when I have experienced pain due to a long term health condition. Both are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Neil Jones

Ella Jude